The Season is Changing... Are You?


Hello there Lovebugs!

The season has truly changed. Winter has greeted us with its frigid temperatures as we have officially said goodbye to Fall 2015. Now, since we're in the habit of greeting new seasons, could it be possible that we are equipped to greet and grow in the new seasons that occur in our lives?  

When things and seasons change, we have to be ready to change with them.  Being ready involves giving up some things (and people)! Being ready involves getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Being ready involves doing a new thing while forsaking the old. 

So Lovies, as we prepare for this upcoming season, really take inventory of your thoughts, your actions and especially, your life because as the seasons change, make sure you do as well!

Amy :)

If you believe that you are ready to change and need some assistance, email us at TODAY to schedule a one on one session with me!  


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