Peace Be Still


Good Day to you Roxie's Powder Room!
I know life can be frustrating at times. Your plans may be interrupted, or even may not manifested how you envisioned them to be. For example: there is housework to be done and no one is taking the time to wash that one cup that was used but is left on the counter. How about if your children aren't really conducting themselves properly, yet you have a schedule to fulfill and their behavior is causing a distraction. And better yet, when you may feel like your husband isn't taking the time to take you seriously and listen to what is on your heart. 

At that moment when you feel like you have had enough and your patience is about to walk right out of that door, take a deep breath and ask yourself, "Is becoming upset really worth it?" Yes, you have control over what you eat and what you wear. But, when life happens, you must remember that it is not what you endure that determines the good or the bad. It is how you respond to it. 
I say this through my own trial and error. Learn to pick your battles. Not every fight needs to be fought. Not all fights need to be won. Equanimity is a very important characteristic we must consistently exhibit. When your distractions come, and you don't feel so secure any more, remember to tell yourself "Peace be still".

Blessings to you all, 

 Jhotee Mosley



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