Less is More


Hello Roxie's Powder Room! 

Today like every day is a day that has been made and we shall be glad and rejoice in it! As I reflected on my journey of maturing into the woman I am today, it was very eventful for me. I realized I harbored a lot of anger and resentment from my upbringing. On top of that, I was hurting. I was not too sure of myself.  But one thing I did know is, I desired a husband. I figured if I would show a little cleavage, it would attract the man that I desired to marry. I thought it was “sexy”. Well after hits and misses and definitely attracting attention that made me feel uncomfortable, I was not happy. I remember asking myself, "what kind of woman do you want to be"? 

When people look at you, what is it that you want their first impression perceived as?  I knew instantly I wanted to become a well-groomed, polished and respectable woman that a man desired to marry. Not just any woman but a wife that a man could envision one day becoming the mother to his children.  I figured if I waited for my husband, he will eventually find me. In the meantime, I will prepared for him. When people would question me about my dating life, I would state to them, "I am preparing for my husband, as if I am a pregnant woman nesting”.  Going to the clubs and looking for a husband was not important to me because I knew deep down that my husband would know me when he saw me.

So, I would like to encourage you all. Whenever you feel like you have to say and do anything extra to grab a man’s attention because you may feel a certain way towards him or you may just want to make a general statement, remind yourself that less is more.


 Much love to you all!

 Jhotee Mosley


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