Be You, For You!


Hello Roxie’s Powder Room!

I first want to give my love to my Heavenly Father! He shows me more every day that He is faithful. His faithfulness allows me to have a deeper relationship with Him I never knew I could have. 

One of the key principals to having a stress free life is to stay true to yourself. No, I’m not speaking of being committed to your ill-mannered ways or bad habits. I am referring to staying true to who you are as oppose to trying to fit in with everyone else.  Insecurity and discontentment occurs when you compare yourself to who you are and who you are not and you do not like the results. These feelings seem to heighten when you have not truly accepted yourself.

I myself befriended women who would agree with what I said and liked the things I liked, only to find out they were not my friends at all. This caused me to have feelings of resentment and problems I never saw coming. Sometimes, one may strive to imitate another in hopes it would win friends but a friendship built on the foundation of deceit is not a friendship at all. It is merely a connection of enmity but authenticity in friendships allows a bond to form that could never be broken.

I want you to know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are the only person that has your finger and hand prints. You are the only person that carries the genetic make-up of your DNA.  So give yourself permission to be the authentic you so that you can be you, for YOU!

I love you all dearly,

Jhotee’ Mosley xoxo


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