Having Trouble Adjusting to What You Want?

Hi there Lovebugs :)

It's Wednesday so you know what that means; time for Roxie's Powder Room presents His Daughters Talkshow!

On tonight's show, we will be discussing the topic, "Adjusting to Newness".  Some of us are having some challenges with letting go of the old and welcoming the new. It's not because you don't want to. It's not even because you're lazy. It's simply because you need to make some adjustments. 
Does it seem like everyone time you try to move forward, you keep getting pushed back?

Feel like you want to change so bad but you're not sure what keeps you from really changing?

Join us tonight at 9pm EST as we discuss all of he adjustments that need to be made so that you can truly experience the new

You don't want to miss it!

Amy :) 


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