Are Your Priorities in Order?

Hey Lovies :-)

What are your priorities?  And more importantly, are you taking care of them?  With all that we have going on in our lives, it would be wise to assign priorities to the things (and people) we have to take care of.  But how do you do that?  Simple: your priorities should begin with the most important thing or person in your life and continue down to the least.  Now understand this, my priorities may be different from yours and vice versa.  The point is we have to assign importance to the activities, responsibilities and people in our lives so that we will have a better idea of how to spend our time!

Prioritirizing is also about making sure our time (which is only 24 hours a day) is spent wisely and on those important things that bear fruit.  For example, my top priority is my relationship with God.  If my relationship with God isn't right, neither is anything else in my life!  My next priority is my family (Hubs, then children),  followed by ministry, then my business.  These are my top priorities and taking care of my priorities helps keep my life organized and structured as much as possible.

So Lovies, do you have your priorities in order?  Are you making sure that the most important things and people in your life are getting the necessary attention they deserves?  If so, good for you!  If not, no day like today to fix it!  Because once we keep the main things, the main things, everything else will fall into place!

Time for a priority check!

Amy :)


  1. No, it seems I want to blog or read when I should be doing other things!


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