Are You Ready to Get What You Want?

Hi there Lovebugs :)

As I was preparing for my day today, a question popped up in my mind: are we really ready for all the things that we want?

Are we ready to have all of the things that we've been hoping for? Are we ready to have the things that we've been praying for? Are we really ready?

One great way to determine if you're ready or not is to see if you have made room for what it is that you want. For example: if you want a new job, have you been looking for one?  If you want to travel, have you gotten your passport? If you want a new house, do you take care of the one you currently have? 

I want us to get in the mindset of preparing ourselves for what it is that we truly desire. Let us begin to prepare our lives by removing those things that no longer serve a purpose. Let us evaluate ourselves to make sure there's nothing within that keep your desires at bay. 

Whatever it is that we need to do to get whatever it is that we want, are we really really prepared to do? If so, LET'S GO! 

Amy :)


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