Let's Be Great!

Hi there Lovies :)

Who's ready to be great?

If you answered YES, please know that this is a tall order. Merriam-Webster defines great as "remarkable in magnitude, degree and effectiveness".  So in order to be great, this means you will have to make the necessary decisions and changes to ensure your greatness. 

What contributions do you make in thought, word and deed to those around you?

Are you considered a stumbling block or a steppingstone to those you come in contact with?

What type of impact do you make on those who are the closest to you?

These are some of the type of questions that we should be asking ourselves to enhance and secure our greatness.  

So Lovebugs, we have 10 days left in 2015. My question to you is, will you spend the next 10 days evaluating, preparing and anticipating to display the greatness that is within you so that all the world can see just how much of an asset you really are?

Dare to be great!

Amy :) 


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