Learn How to Walk in the Fullness of Life in 2016!

Hi there Lovebugs :) 

It's the last Wednesday of 2015 which means it's time for Roxie's Powder Room presents His Daughters Talkshow!

On tonight's show, we will be ending our "I Dare You" series with the topic, "I Dare You to Walk in the Fullness of Life!"  Many of us want to experience all that life has to offer but we're not exactly sure how to go about doing it. We want to be free. We want to be whole. We want to be complete. BUT we also need a plan. We need to be intentional and prepared for the life that we want to live. 

Are you ready to walk in the fullness of life?

Are you ready to follow the instructions in order to get it?

Join us tonight at 9pm EST as we discuss and learn the ways to walk in f

You don't want to miss it!

Amy :) 


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