Holiday Cheer... With a BANG!


Hello Roxies Powder Room!

               I first want to give glory to Jesus, who is the Lord of my life. He was given as the ultimate gift and because of that I am forever grateful!

I really enjoy the holiday season! It brings me such great joy. Everywhere I go, there are Christmas trees, lights and ornaments. I walk into the store and smell the fresh scent of cinnamon. Nothing screams "It's Christmas Time!" than every store is selling green and red poinsettia plants, not to mention long lines and sold out items. Also, during the holiday season, it can become frustrating when your patience is being tested when all you desire to do is make the purchase so you can go home.    


We can become so focused on ourselves and our family that we may just forget to take the spotlight off of us, and point it to someone else. To most, the goal of Christmas is to exchange gifts and enjoy a lavish holiday dinner. I do admit, it sounds ideal. But that isn’t always the case.To receive a gift, it first must be given and second, a gift doesn’t always have to consist of a material item. 

Every day that you wake to see another day, you are always in a position to give a gift. Give your gift of patience to that person you may become impatient with, who just may be on the verge of a breakdown. Give your gift of time. Your presence alone is enough to uplift their sorrow. Give your gift of kindness by making a plate for a homeless person. That's one less person hungry on the streets.

My point is, not everyone will celebrate Christmas as everyone desires. But if we take the focus off of ourselves, even for a second, it will be well worth it! 

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you all!

Jhotee Mosley              


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