All is Well!




Hello Roxies Powder Room!

          I first want to give glory and honor to my Heavenly Father. He is my Strength and my Protector, in Whom I find great comfort. I give my love to my sister, Amy Ricks, who is a woman of God destined for greatness. 

This year has flown by so quickly! I am really excited to see what 2016 will bring.  An opportunity to start fresh! Another chance to get it right! I have learned many lessons in these past twelve months. One lesson that really is important to me that I want to share you all is learning how to speak and think life. 

It can be fairly easy to give your attention to what is directly in front of you. But it can be difficult when you concentrate your the thoughts on the “what ifs”. Focus on the positive when your trials and tribulations arise. Though you may encounter a challenging situation, that does not mean you have to be miserable while in it. 

There are times when you may need to break down and cry or maybe get angry. The friend you vent to will eventually reiterate to you that you should “calm down” or they may say “it’s ok, don’t cry”. They remind you that you need to keep a level head to think your situation through, so why not beat them to the punch? 

Yes, we all hit some bumps in the road. What matters the most is how we cope with it. To adapt an optimistic perspective in any situation, even when you're in the heat of it, will allow you to have peace. Tranquility is essential to consider any circumstance.

So, when a trial comes (and they will come), realize that you can conquer whatever you apply your mind to do. Most importantly, I want to remember that all is well. 



Happy New Year! 


Jhotee’ Mosley


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