31 Days to 2016

Hello there Lovebugs :)

I don't know about you all but I woke up truly EXCITED about today being the last month of 2015. This day signifies the beginning of 31 days of preparation for the new year but not just the new year but THEE new year!  I believe 2016 will be a great year full of blessings, newness and beautiful things.

The question is, how are we preparing for it?

I want us to be really intentional and serious about making 2016 our BEST year yet. I want us to believe that good things are coming to us.  I want us to be prepared for good things to happen.

I also want to help you.

If you are really serious about making 2016 your year of blessings, newness and beautiful things, email me at roxiespowderroom@gmail.com RIGHT NOW!

Amy :)


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