18 Days and Counting: PREPARATION TIME!

Happy New Week Lovies :)

We are officially EIGHTEEN days away from 2016!

In saying that, for the next 18 days, I want us to really position ourselves for all of the greatness that we are believing 2016 will bring.  If you are believing you will receive a promotion in 2016, PREPARE FOR IT!  If you believe you're getting married in 2016, PREPARE FOR IT! If you believe doors will begin to open for your business, PREPARE FOR IT!  Whatever it is you are believing to happen in 2016, PREPARE FOR IT!

These next 18 days are crucial.  During this time, we must evaluate all that has occurred throughout this year. What are some of your best moments in 2015? What are the lessons you learned?  What differences (whether good or not so good) have there been in your life in 2015 compared to 2014?

It is my prayer and desire for all of us to experience a wonderful year in 2016, but that comes with preparation.  So spend these next 18 days getting things in order, putting things in perspective and positioning yourself for all of the great things that are sure to come!

I'm excited for you!

Amy :)

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Don't wait another day to learn how to start living the way you truly want and desire!


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