No More Lazy Saturdays!


Hi Lovebugs :)

Happy Saturday!

You know how we have those Saturdays where we don't have to work and we don't have any obligations? We call them "Lazy Saturdays"... but who says they have to be lazy?

Instead of dubbing these Saturdays as lazy, we're going call to them something else. How about "Relax Saturdays", "Regroup Saturdays" or "Peace and Quiet Saturdays"?  Now some of you may be thinking, "who cares what we say, it's not that serious"!  I'm here to tell you that it IS that serious!   We have to be careful what we speak. We have to be careful how we label things and people. We have to understand that our words have power. 

Some of us get upset when certain things happen in our lives, not realizing that those things are a result of the very things we've spoken. For example, how many of us said, "I'm sick", "I don't feel good", "I feel like something bad is about to happen" or "I never win anything"?  We say these things and then what happens? We're sick, we don't feel good, something bad happens and we never win anything. We have to be more careful what we speak! 

Lovies, I want you to do something for me today. I want you to be very careful about what you speak.  I want you to have the mindset that whatever you speak will actually come to pass! Your words have power and can bring things to life.  So the question becomes, what are you ready to speak birth to??

Amy :)


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