Get Back Up Again!


Hello Lovebugs :)

It's very important that whenever we make a mistake, whenever we fall down, we have to get back up.  

I want you to imagine a child that's first learning how to walk. No matter how many times that child falls down, it gets right back up as if it never fell. The child gets back up with the intention and determination to keep walking.

How many of us can say that we do the same? 

When ever we make a mistake, it's the opportunity for us to be taught something that we did not know previously. It's an opportunity for us to become wiser and more knowledgeable.  It's an opportunity for us to gather those things that we will need in this journey called life. 

So the next time you've fall, the next time you feel like you've made a mistake, do yourself a favor: get back up, dust yourself off and keep it moving!

We have some living to do Lovies!

Amy :) 


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