Why You NEED to Book a Coaching Session!


Hi Lovebugs :)

I want to talk to you today about why coaching sessions (whether one on one or group) are beneficial. 

Coaching sessions are great for those seeking direction, clarity, encouragement and accountability. Here at RPR, our goal is to help our clients get from where they are to where it is they want to be and ultimately improving our clients quality of life in the process. 

Now, some of you may be thinking, that's just not for me or I'm ok, I can do this alone.  I want you to consider something: since many of us are emotionally attached to and/or affected by situations that we experience, it's helpful to have someone with an objective and fresh set of eyes provide solutions and encouragement. It's helpful to have someone who desires for you to be successful and push you in the direction of where you aspire to be. 

What changes are you ready to make in your life? 

What are you ready to do differently?

For those of you who desire to have a lifestyle change, I have something for you! 

I am offering a 6 week group coaching session called, "GET YOUR MIND RIGHT: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". During these six weeks, you will receive six sessions with me as we discover why you think the way you think, learn how you have attached certain thoughts and beliefs to the words you speak and more!

The first session will begin November 17!

So if you are ready to take control of your thoughts and change your life, sign up TODAY by emailing us at roxiespowderroom@gmail.com! 

Amy :)


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