Soulful Sunday: Refresh & Renew


Happy Sunday Lovebugs! 

Sometimes, we just need a break from it all...

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be kinda... routine and boring. We wake up, shower, get dressed, go to work, come home, undress, eat dinner, get on social media, get in the bed, try to go to sleep, then eventually fall asleep, only to wake up the next morning and do it all over again. 

The same ole same ole can cause us to fall into a mental rut. Our thinking isn't as sharp.  Our thoughts seem stale.  Our minds feel like it's on pause.

What in the world do we do?

Well, on this Soulful Sunday, it's time to renew and refresh!

Give yourself a mental boost by breaking up your everyday routine. Take a trip away for the weekend. Create your own spa experience right at home. Take a walk to catch the sun rising or setting. Do something that you wouldn't normally do. 

Why?  Because it's time to renew and refresh!

If you want to learn how to renew and refresh your mind and your thoughts, I have something for you!

I want to help you change your life by helping you change your thoughts. I'm offering a 6 week group coaching session called,"GET YOUR MIND RIGHT: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". During these six weeks, you will receive six sessions with me as we discover why you think the way you think, learn how you have attached certain thoughts and beliefs to the words you speak and more!

The first TEN people to sign up can register for only $100! The first session will begin November 17!

So if you are ready to take control of your thoughts and change your life, sign up TODAY by emailing us at! 


Amy :)



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