Be New in NEWvember!


Hi there Lovebugs :)

Here at Roxie's Powder Room, we're all about ways to improve the quality of life.  We believe that life is to be lived, explored and experienced.  As we're on the cusp of a new year, let's have a little moment of reflection, shall we.

How have these last 10 months of 2015 been?

Are you on the path to accomplish everything you planned to do this year?

What are your plans for next year?

We are currently in the last quarter of 2015, gearing up for NEWvember.  Yes, NEWember. This is the month where we begin to set things in place for all things new in 2016. We'll feature the many ways to think new, speak new, eat new and ultimately LIVE new.  

For these last two days of October, I want us to start a process of purging. We're going to prepare for the new by ridding ourselves of the old.  Now you may be thinking, how do I do that?

Well, one way is to sign up for our 6 week group coaching session called, "GET YOUR MIND RIGHT: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". During these six weeks, you will receive six sessions with me as we discover why you think the way you think, learn how you have attached certain thoughts and beliefs to the words you speak and more!

The first TEN people to sign up can register for only $100! The first session will begin November 17!

So if you are ready to take control of your thoughts and change your life, sign up TODAY by emailing us at! 

Amy :)


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