The Seasons Are Changing... But Are You?


God bless you Lovebugs!

The seasons are set to change!  But not just in the natural sense.. the spiritual as well.  Now, the question is, are you ready?

I ask if you're ready because when things change, we have to be ready to change with them.  Being ready involves giving up some things (and people)! Being ready involves getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Being ready involves dying to our flesh so that we can walk in the spirit. 

So Lovies, as we prepare for this upcoming season, really take inventory of your thoughts, your actions and especially, your life.  Come into complete and full agreement with what God says about you.  Come into complete and full agreement with what God has ordained for you so when the seasons do change, you WILL be ready!

If you believe that you are not ready or need some assistance on where to begin to get ready, email us at TODAY!  We are more than happy to assist you in becoming an even BETTER you!

Amy :)


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