Holding On to the Promises of God


God bless you Lovebugs! 

Raise your hands if you love waiting? Anyone?? What is it about waiting that can be so... not fun?  Could it be that waiting gives us the opportunity to cultivate patience? Or could it be that waiting breaks us out of the habit of wanting what we want we want it? 

One thing I LOVE about the promises of God is that they are yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20).  Basically, when God promises something, you can be sure that it WILL come to pass. But here's the thing: some promised we will have to wait for. There are some of us that been waiting days, weeks, months and even YEARS for God to manifest the promises that He's made. So what are we to do in the meantime?  HOLD ON TO THEM!

Although we have to wait for the promises to come to pass, hold on to the fact that they will. Believe that "God is not a man that shall lie" (Numbers 23:19). Have faith that what you are believing God for shall come to pass. Know that your faith pleases God. It shows Him that no matter what, you know He will do just what He said He will. 

So hold on Lovies! I'm believing that any day now what you are believing God for will come to pass in the name of Jesus! Why? Simply because God spoke it, and that's enough for me... and you!

Amy :) 


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