Do You Know Why You Are Where You Are?

God bless you Lovies :)

Do you know that He chose you for this specific time in this particular season?
There's no coincidence that you are where God has you right now. Yes, it may be uncomfortable. Yes, it may be unfamiliar. But you have to ask yourself: what is God trying to teach me? What lessons am I suppose to learn? What should I do moving forward?

Many of us are trying to fast forward to a place  we simply haven't been prepared for  because we are trying to escape where  presently are. There's a purpose for every season. There's a purpose for everything. We just have to discover what it is.

John 14:14 (NASB) says, "If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it."  Could it be that if we really wanted to know something, if we really wanted to understand something that all we have to do... is ask?

How about we try it today?

Amy :)


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