Do I Really Love God?


Hi there Lovebugs!

If someone loves you, does it mean more to you for them to tell you or show you? 

Let's face it: hearing "I love you" feels good. Think about the times you've waited for that special someone to say it to you. The moment they said it, your heart skipped a beat.  It felt like you were floating in mid air.  You couldn't contain the butterflies in your stomach. You just felt SO good!

Now fast forward some years. You love hearing "I love you" but there's nothing like being shown it. Have you ever said, "if you love me, you wouldn't lie to me" or "if you love me, you would help me". Could it be that love without action isn't love at all?? 

How many of us love God? Ok, now how many of us love God they way that He wants to be loved? 

Some of you may be thinking, what does that mean?  Well, John 14:15 (NLT) says, "If you love me, obey my commandments.” Hmm... So if we love God, we'll do what He says?? Precisely!

The way that we show God that we love Him is by doing what He tells us to do.  In other words, be obedient. Be holy. Be righteous. Be loving. Stand for righteousness. Tell people about Him. See, loving God involves ACTION on our parts. We have to do it, not just say it. 

So, I encourage you all to go before God and ask Him what can you do specifically to show God that we love Him. You'll be surprised at the answer. I know I was!

Amy :)


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