#SoulfulSunday: No More Mess!


Happy Sunday Lovebugs :)

How many of us are tired of mess? Whether it's the mess we got ourselves in or the mess we're surrounded by, it can be overwhelming. 

See, the thing about mess is that it hinders our vision. Imagine being in the middle of a messy room and trying to study. Imagine being in a messy relationship and trying to be at ease. Imagine having a messy life and GOD is trying to bless you. Not a pretty sight huh? 

For this Soulful Sunday, we are declaring NO MORE MESS! It's time for us to clean up and do things in decency and in order. Pray and ask God to reveal to you the mess(es) that need to be cleaned up in your life and also ask for the grace to actually clean it. 

Partner with God to get your life together and declare NO! MORE! MESS! 

Amy :) 


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