Receiving from God


Happy New Week Lovebugs :)

Quite frankly, some of us have an issue with receiving from God.  

We have an issue receiving His grace, His mercy and most importantly, His love.  We think there has to be a catch in order for a perfect God to forgive us and forget. We think there's something we just have to do to get God to like us, let alone love us.  Well, there is something we have to do: receive it. 

On today, I'm here to tell you that God is not like man. You don't have to be someone other than who you are for Him to love you.  You don't have to dress provocatively to get His attention or for Him to like you. God wants to give us so much love, so much peace, so much of Him?  And what does He want for us?? Just to receive it :)

Amy :)


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