In Order for It to Be Healed, It Must Be Revealed...


Happy Thursday Lovebugs :)

Last night, my Pastor posted on her FB page specific instructions. She said before going to sleep, ask God to show us us, reveal any weights that we had and ask how we could be a better us for Him.  I followed the instructions and then got a little nervous. See, the thing is I want to be pleasing in God's sight and put a smlie on His face. It's just that when things are revealed about myself that God and I don't like, it doesn't feel so good. 

But then I had to change the way I think. 

12 Proverbs 3:12 NLT says, "For the Lord corrects those he loves, just as a father corrects a child in whom he delights." I had to learn and accept that one form of God's love for me is in the form of discipline. It hurts, it's uncomfortable but it's for my good. 

Another great thing about God revealing things about us to us is that we have the opportunity to heal. When God brings things about us out in the open, it's no longer hidden and that means we can deal with it. We can confront what needs to addressed but we don't have to do it alone. God is right there with us, pulling back the layers of our heart, exposing those things that grieve His. See, He loves us too much to leave us a mess but He's also too holy to even wink at any sin. 

As we confront things, this is the part where the work begins. This is where communication with God is vital. Ask God those tough questions to get wisdom. Seek Him for revelation on why He allowed certain things to happen to you. Get to root of why you engage in certain behaviors that He wants to see changed. 

And before you know, the work is being done.  Transformation is taking place. Purging is in session. God is changing us right before our very eyes. And then it happens: we begin to heal. We begin to have peace. We begin to experience joy. And that's a beautiful thing!

So Lovies, if we want to really please God, live for Him and be right in His sight, we have to be prepared to really dig deep within. We have to be ready to partner with God so that our lives can be changed for the better. Yes we've tried hiding our pain. We've even tried suppressing our ugly to bring forth our beauty but the fact still remains, in order for it to be healed, it must be revealed!

Amy :)


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