When You Can't Take Anymore, Don't...

Hi Lovies!

You know how we get to the end of our ropes and declare THAT'S IT, we're not taking anymore?  Whether we're dealing with those who mistreat us and take us for granted or dealing with situations that leave us drained and unsatisfied, we just have had enough! So what do we do when we can't take no more?? Don't!

There comes a time where we must put (and keep) our foot down. There comes a time where we have to say NO and mean it. There comes a time where we need to let go of those who God said to and stop committing emotional suicide. 

If we've had enough, we have to do something about it. Our actions have to support our decree. When we begin to set boundaries, refuse to test our own limits and speak up and demand what God says & wants for us, things will begin to change... and all we have to do is let them..

Amy :)


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