Throwback Thursday: Remembering How Far God Has Brought You From

Hi Lovebugs :)

On this "Throwback Thursday", I want you to remember where and how you were a month ago. Six months ago. A year ago. Five years ago. 

Are things the same or are they different?  Better yet, are YOU the same or are YOU different?

When we think back to months and years ago, we remember where we were emotionally, mentally and physically. For some of, we had good memories. For others, not so much. But the one thing we cannot deny is that through it all, God was faithful. And He still is!

Even when we can't "see" God, He's always there. During those times we felt alone, He was right there with us, never leaving us not forsaking us. 

So consider this: no matter what season we're in, always remember that God will cause everything to work our good. Look back and see how far God has brought you. And if you're in a season right now, where you don't know how you're gonna make it out, ask yourself: If He did it before, won't He do it again? 

Amy :)


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