Are You Sitting On Your Gifts?

Hi Lovebugs :)

Each one of us is anointed to do something. Whether it's singing, dancing, cooking or encouraging others, we all were created to do something. 

What is it that God has called you to do?

The better question is, are you doing it?

Far too many of us have allowed distractions and hindrances to keep us from contributing our services to those in need. We forget that this world "ain't about us" but continue living on selfishly. 

Do you know there are people waiting for you to write that book? Sing that song? Start that business?

What is that you can do, and do so well, that people are waiting for you to do?!

With all that is going on the world, it's important that we are contributing to the things of God in the manner of our gifts. We weren't called to just exist. We're called for such a time as this. We're chosen for such a time as this. 

Would you be ok standing before God on judgment day, explaining to Him why you were sitting on your gifts? Not a pretty picture right?

Well, it's time to do what needs to be done in this here and now hour and be about our Father's business. Make the commitment to pursue and walk in the gifts that God has given you. Be a pleasure to your Father in Heaven by actively participating in His will by serving in the capacity of your gifts!

Amy :)


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