Are You Responsible With Your Mouth?

Happy New Week Lovies!

May I be transparent?  I wasn't always responsible with my mouth. What do I mean? I wasn't always careful about what I allowed to come out it. I would speak things to my husband, kids and even myself and wondered why the opposite of what I wanted to happen would happen. I would say how much I didn't like this or that and wonder why things weren't changing. I would go on and on and on complaining about things and wondered why I felt frustrated, irritated and even discouraged. Well, simply put: I wasn't being a good steward over my mouth. 

Proverbs 18:21 (KJV) says "death and life are in the power of the tongue." So, with every word that I speak, is it life giving or death bringing?  Am I reaping the consequences of the negative things that I've spoken or am I receiving a harvest of the positive seeds that I've planted through speech?

Many people may be sitting back thinking, it's not that serious or that's not true. Ok! Take inventory of what you say for the remainder of this week. REALLY pay attention to the words that you allow out of your mouth. Better yet, consider whether whatever situation that you are in now has a direct correlation to what it is you have been speaking. You'd be surprised at the results!

So Lovebugs, moving forward, we need to take heed to the things we say to ourselves and each other. If we want to see more positivity, speak it! If we want to
be surrounded by increase and abundance, declare it! Our mouths are more powerful than we think. It's time we start being responsible and become better stewards over that which God has places us over... starting with our mouths!

Amy :)


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