Soulful Sundays: Peace Be Still

Good Evening Lovebugs :)

As we welcome a new week, let us allow the peace of God to cause us to be still.  How do we do that? One word: Trust. Trust that God is Who He says He is. Trust that God will do what He said He will. Trust that God's Word is true. 

Some of us have had people who we thought we could trust mistreat us, lie to us and/or take advantage of us. Because of this, we find it difficult to trust.  Some of us even think, if I can't trust someone I can see, how am I suppose to trust someone I can't see?!  Well, let me tell you, God is NOT man! God will not lie! God keeps His promises! 

Trusting God will place us in a position to experience a peace that many of us pray SO hard to receive but wonder if we ever could. But let me tell you: Peace can be yours. It is attainable. Trust God. Let go and allow God's peace to keep you still!

Amy :)


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