I've Fallen... But I Got Back Up!

Hello Lovebugs! Happy Saturday!

We made a mistake. We did something we weren't suppose to. God exposed it. Webprayed for forgiveness. We even repented. Now what??

We get back up and keep it moving!

Getting back up after falling isn't easy fo some of us. The spirit of condemnation tries to attach itself to us. We keep replaying our forgiven sins over and over again, even though God cast them into the sea of forgetfulness.

I myself know the effort and strength it takes to keep moving forward after it's been revealed that we sinned and did something displeasing to God.  Proverbs 24:16-17(KJV) says, "For a just man falleth seven times and riseth up again.." so no matter what, we have to keep moving. 

After acknowledging our faults, we must keep moving. There's a great work that Christ wants to do through us so there's no time to stay stuck or stagnant. We have to keep pressing Lovies. Keep going in spite of and continue to get back up each time we fall... even if we fall seven times :)

Amy :) 


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