#SoulfulSundays: What Are You Eating?

Happy Sunday Lovies!

Here we are with a brand new day AND a brand new week. Today, I want us to really think about what we eat. And when I say eat, I mean what are we feeding ourselves? What are we feeding our spirits? Minds? Bodies?

Could you take just a little more responsibility in watching what you eat? Can you be more selective with your choices of what you watch on tv/YouTube?  Would it help to feast more on the Word to ensure that you're getting you're Daily Bread?

It's time we change our diets, Lovebugs. When it comes down to it, some things just HAVE to change!  And if you're not sure how to, look no further. Email us at rprhealthylivingandeating@gmail.com to inquire about our "Spring Clean Your Life Campaign"!

Ready for a change? Start today!

Amy :) 


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