#SoulfulSundays: What's Love Got to Do With It?



Good Morning and Happy Sunday Lovebugs :)

Is it really February? The SECOND month of 2015???  As we can see, time is moving!  My prayer is that we are moving too!  


So, here we are in the month of February, also known as the month of Love. On this Soulful Sunday, we're going to position ourselves to be not only Givers but Recepients of Love. Now some of us may be thinking, What does love got to do with it? Well, to answer your question: EVERYTHING!

We know that God is love, so whenever we give or receive love, we're actually giving and receiving God. Don't you want to be someone who actively and purposely show God to everyone??

Let's consider our love walk today Lovies. Let's examine our hearts to remove everything that blocks or hinders the free flow of love. Let's actively participate in being apart of God's perfect will STARTING TODAY!

Are you ready to give AND receive love this month?

Amy :)


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