#SoulfulSundays: Release

Good Morning Lovebugs :)

This morning, during prayer, I saw The Lord taking His people and cleaning them. Cleansing us inside and out. Removing impurities and contaminants that keep us from walking in freedom. 

Some of us are holding on to things that God wants us to let go of. Some of us need to release our past, release our hurts and release what just isn't working anymore. 

On this Soulful Sunday, we're going to release.  We're going to release all of the dead weight. Release all of the stinking thinking. Release our own way. Release the hurt. Release what the things we thought were suppose to be. 

Do this simple exercise with me:

I want you to close your eyes. Once they are closed, think about all of the things God wants you to release. Think about all of the things you want to release. Now I want you to go before God, asking for forgiveness and start naming those things you want to release. (For example: lust, fornication, greed, insecurity, pride, selfishness, etc. You can also name the people you need/want to release.) Tell God that you release all of these things and people to Him. Ask Him to replace it with what He wants. Now... let it all go. Open your hands to give it all to God and then keep your hands open to receive it all from God. 

Feel the difference?

Amy :)


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