#SoulfulSundays: Moving in Ease

Good Morning Beautiful People :)

Here we are with yet another Soulful Sunday. Thank You Lord for a brand new day and a brand new week!

This week, we're going to focus on moving in ease. No forcing anything. No moving ahead of God. No turning around. We're going to move forward... in ease. How? With the help of the Holy Spirit. 

Some of us are moving on our own schedules, at our own pace and speed. It's time to let the Holy Spirit take over. God's timing is thee best timing. He will move you when it's time. He will change your situation when the time is right. He will advance you when He's ready. 

So take a moment today and go before The Lord and surrender ALL! Give it all to Him so that He can give it all to you. 

Are you ready to stop living life in the fast lane and begin to cruise control through life with Christ?

All you gotta do.. is say yes! 

Amy :)


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