Love Never Gives Up


Hello there Lovebugs :)

We're back!

Over the last few days, my love walk has taken a very interesting turn. God revealed certain things I needed to start doing, stop doing and continue doing. During this month of Love and with us focusing on bettering our Love walk, we knew we'd be tested! But it's my prayer that we pass with flying colors :)

Today's focus is: Love never gives up! 

How many times did you want to throw in the towel?  How many times have you said "just forget it"?  No matter what happens, love NEVER gives up! Love says keep on going even when the trials we face tries to get us to stop. Everything we need, everything we worked on is on the other side of that.  Now, what is that?  That could be a series of thing: That trial. That mountain. That Stronghold. Victory, peace, joy and freedom are just some of the things that are waiting on the other side of that! 

Are you ready and willing to walk in a Love that never gives up?  Are you ready to be your own cheerleader and encourage yourself to keep going? 

Love never gives up so neither will we Lovies!  Just keep pushing, keep moving and know that your labor is NOT in vain!

On your mark! Ready! Set! LOVE!

Amy :)


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