Love is Not Rude

Happy New Week Lovies!

Well, today's focus is: Love is not rude. 

Oh boy. How many times have we encountered rude people? We've seen people do rude things and even say rude things and think, did they really just do/say that??

The times that we are living in are starved of God's love. People are looking out for only themselves. It seems as if no one cares. No one believes. No one trusts. 

Enter you and I. 

We have the opportunity to be participants in bringing God's Kingdom here on Earth. We have the opportunity to be bright lights in a cold and cruel world.  We have the opportunity to give something that looks like it's notreadily  available. What's that you may be thinking? Love!

For today, let's be intentional about being kind and nice. We've seen how rude people can be. Let's offer the opposite. Let's say nice things to others. Let's open the door for others. Let's pray for others just as intently as we do for ourselves. 

This world needs Love which means it needs God. Don't you want to be apart of showing people the mighty God that you serve?

On your mark! Ready! Set! LOVE!

Amy :)


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