Love is Not Proud

Hi Lovebugs :)

When you hear the word "proud" what comes to mind?  Do you think about someone that you know who talks about themselves and/or their achievements all day long?  Do you think about someone who places themselves on a pedestal and believes they are above everyone? Well, according to first Corinthians 13, this is not love. 

Today's focus is: Love is not proud. 

Love doesn't have to put itself on display and say "look at me! I did that!"  Love doesn't have to go above and beyond to make sure that everyone and everything recognizes. No. That's not love. Love is a subtle action that produces profound results. It does not have to make a showcase or theatrical presentation because just the mere act of showing love is worth more than that. 

Being proud is very selfish and can lead to disaster. It can separate families, destroy relationships and wreak havoc in our lives. Is that what we want?  

So let's choose to no longer be proud and be over consumed with self. The moment we shift our focus and choose to be humble and not proud, will be the moment we change our lives!

On your mark! Ready! Set! LOVE! 

Amy :) 


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