Love is Kind

Hi Lovies!

It's Day 3 of the month of Love here at Roxie's Powder Room! For this entire month (and beyond really), we're gonna be intentional about giving AND receiving Love. 

Yesterday, we said that we are going to go through the great Love chapter, I Corinthians 13,and examine the attributes of Love. 

Today's focus: Love is kind. 

Ahhh kindness.  Don't we like it when people are kind to us?  Whether it's opening our door, saying kind things about us or just treating us kindly makes us feel all nice and warm inside. Now, do we treat people the same way?

Kind is defined as having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others; wanting and liking to do goodthings and to bring happiness to others. 

Does the above describe you?

Today, we're going to be intentional about being kind to others. (Yes, to everyone!). We're going to show off God today by showing love through kindness. 

Are you ready to work on your love walk?  Are you ready for others to see the love of Christ on you and in you? Are you ready to be intentional about letting your light shine by giving and receiving Love so that God may be glorified? Well, let's go!

On your mark! Ready! Set! LOVE!

Amy :)


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