Love Endures in All Circumstances


Hello there Lovebugs :-)

Well, here we are at the end of the great Love chapter but still very much in the mist of our Love walk. it has been an incredible journey going through the attributes of Love as we've examined I Corinthians 13 together.

Today's focus: Love endures all circumstances.

Our circumstances can get the best of us... if we let it. I believe that God allows certain things to happen to us to strengthen us, not to harm us. God wants to bring those things out of us that He Himself has placed in us.  How else will we know that we are strong unless we are placed in situations where we have to be?  How else will we know that we can hold on if holding on wasn't our only option?

From what we learned about Love, we see the things that happened to us do not change who we are at our core. We see that Love stays the same, is consistent and never changes. One thing I pray that we have learned during this month of Love is that we don't have to allow what goes on outside of us to change what goes on inside of us. That we can remain the same people regardless in spite of our ever changing circumstances. 

I pray that this journey has been a great one for you and that you continue to strengthen your Love walk.  Allow God to shine through you so bright that people will want to follow Him just by looking at you!

On your mark! Ready! Set! CONTINUE TO LOVE!

Amy :)


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