Love Does Not Rejoice About Injustice

Happy Saturday Lovies!

Well it's February 14th which means there's a lot of people celebrating Valentine's Day. There's nothing worn with buying flowers, chocolates and gifts for the one that you love. Just make sure it's not limited to one day :)

Now that that's out of the way, today's focus is: Love does not rejoice about injustice. 

One of the great things about us taking our time and going through the attributes is that we can learn how to love the way God wants us to. When not so great things happen to people, it's no cause for celebration... even if it happens to people who give us a hard time.

The world is notably absent of love which means it's absent of God. That means, as His children, we have a responsibility to be agents of change by allowing Him to pour His love into us and then we pour it into others. When not so great things happen to people who may not respect nor treat us kindly, that's an opportunity for us to pray. says Luke 6:28 (NLT) says, bless this who curse you, pray for those who hurt you". Why? Because that's what God does!

One of the things I love about God is that He will help us do what it is He requires us to do. Philippians 4:13 (KJV) says, "I can do  ALL things through Christ which strengthens me" God will help us to love. God will help us to forgive. God will helps us to be exactly who He's called us to be. 

So are you willing to continue learning and showing love God's way? Are you ready for God to showcase His glory in you?  Are you ready to start doing things God's way instead of your own?

On your mark! Ready! Set! LOVE!

Amy :)


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