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What We Put in is What We Get Out

#FashionFriday: 31 Days of Style

Love Scriptures

Love Endures in All Circumstances

Love is Always Hopeful

#SoulfulSundays: Rest

Love Never Loses Faith

Love Never Gives Up

Love Rejoices With Truth

#SoulfulSundays: Release

Love Does Not Rejoice About Injustice

Love Keeps No Record of Wrongdoing

Love is Not Irritable

Love Does Not Demand It's Own Way

Love is Not Rude

#SoulfulSundays: Moving in Ease

Love is Not Proud

Fashion Friday: Nailing It!

Love Is Not Boastful

Love is Not Jealous

Love is Kind

Love is Patient

#SoulfulSundays: What's Love Got to Do With It?