Good Morning Beautiful People :)

Can you believe we're on the 18th day of January?? Time is FLYING! 

On this #SoulfulSunday, we're gonna take the time to relax and unwind, prepare for the week ahead by taking a nice hot bath. We've turned into the "get up and go" generation, hurrying to meet the next deadline, always trying the latest "new thing" and overextending ourselves for success.  If we don't take care of our minds, bodies and spirits, who will?

Create your own spa experience at home today. (If you can actually go to the spa, even better!)  grab some candles, oil, light music and immerse yourself in you for a moment.   Pray and ask God to decrease so that He can increase in you. Mentally prepare yourself for the week, meditating on how you want this week to be and picturing what needs to be done to accomplish it. Spiritually prepare by allowing the Holy Spirit to rest in you. Yielding to His promptings, coming into agreement with what He reveals. Relax your heart rate, your mind, your body and your spirit and just... breathe.

Take a moment for you today... You'll be glad you did..

Amy :)


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