Receiving God's Grace and Mercy with Each New Day

Good Morning Lovies :)

Here we are with a brand new day!  The best thing about a new day is the new grace and mercies that come with it.  They are renewed EVERY day. That means what we did yesterday is left with yesterday.  A new day gives us a new chance to make the day better than before.  What are you holding on to from yesterday that God's grace and mercy wants you to let go of?

Every day that we are blessed with is a gift straight from God.  It's up to us to do something with it. We can smile. We can laugh, We can sing. We can dance.  It's all up to us how we want to live today.

Because God loves us and because He wants the best for us, He offers us opportunities to enjoy a relationship with Him and the fruit that comes as a result of it.  Are you ready to embrace God's grace and mercy and start over today?  All you have to do is say yes and receive it!



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