Introducing Soulful Sundays..

Good Morning Lovebugs :)

If you follow RPR, you know we don't usually blog on Sundays. However, The Lord placed it on my heart to begin Soulful Sundays. 

Soulful Sundays is where we breathe. We reflect. We rest. We relax. We take it easy. We recharge. We unwind. We refresh. We take a minute to prepare ourselves for the upcoming week. 

Yesterday is not allowed in our today. The past is not allowed in our present or future. Here we are with a brand new and fresh week. The disappointments, misunderstandings and let downs of last week are behind us. New opportunities, open doors and a plethora of grace and mercies are ahead of us. 

So on this inaugural Soulful Sunday, take a breath. Inhale. Exhale. Now repeat. Inhale. Exhale. Sit still. Get centered. 

Now, prepare for what's to come... your destiny!

Amy :) 


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