God Qualifies the Called

Happy Weekend Lovies!

You ever feel like God just keeps putting more and more on your plate?  It's as if as soon as you master one thing, here comes four more things that are added on!


Have you been placed in a position where you believe you're in over your head?  You're not sure how you got into the position you're in but nevertheless, you're there... Now what?

When we are a placed in a position, a job or ministry BY GOD, we can rest assure that He will groom us Himself for the position. He will teach us, discipline us, guide us and instruct us and all we have to do is submit and obey. God knows more about us and our capabilities than we do. He knows how He made us. He knows what He's placed inside of us. The only thing we have to do is follow instructions, keep pressing and allow God to do what He came to do: Qualify those He's called!

Amy :)


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