Fashion Friday: Organizing Our Closets!

Happy Fashion Friday Lovies!

On this cold and frigid day, we are going to focus on a productive, indoor activity as it pertains to fashion: organizing our closets!  If I asked you to stop reading, take a picture of your closet right now and submit it, would you? Why or why not?

Things run much more smoothly in our lives when there's order.  Whether it's order in our homes, our businesses/jobs, our ministries and even our relationships, there's a certain ease that comes with order.  So when it comes to our apparel, having it in order will help us in more ways than we think.  Imagine if your shoes were in one place instead of underneath the bed, in the car AND in the closet.  Imagine if all of your dresses were on hangers instead of thrown in a corner, on the floor or still in bags from your last trip to the mall.  

It's time to get organized!

Step One: The first thing we need to do is take inventory of what we have. Make sure all of your laundry is done before you organize your closet.  That way you have everything before you.

Step Two: Divide all your clothing into three piles: keep, donate, & trash. 

  • The keep pile ~ consists of clothes that you actually WEAR!
  • The donate pile ~ consists of clothes that are either too small or big and don’t really feel attractive. (Yes, we really should only wear pieces that make us feel even more attractive than we already are) 
  • The trash pile ~ consists of clothes that are either stained or damaged

QUICK TIP: When deciding what pieces to keep or give away, ask yourself if you saw it in a boutique, would you buy it again?

Step Three: Once you have your clothes in separated and bagged (the donate and trash pile), it's time to organize the keep pile. Group together your pants/jeans, shirts, dresses, blazers/cardigans and suits.  Concentrate on one article at a time.  For example, start with your dresses.  Arrange your shirt in order by color (think of the colors of the rainbow; ROY G BIV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet).  Next move on to suits. Then blazer/cardigans/jackets. Then shirts. Finally pants/jeans. (NOTE: This order of assembling your clothing is a suggestion.  Arrange your clothing in a way that works best FOR YOU!)

Here's a guide on how to organize your tops:

Step Four: Organize your shoes.  All of your flats should be arranged together.  The same with heels. 

Step Five: Organize ALL of your accessories.  There's nothing like not being able to find that missing earring! Ugh!  Well, now we can do something about it. Group together all of your earrings.  Do the same with rings, watches, necklaces, belts, purses, scarves etc.

Step Six:  Now that all of your clothing, shoes and accessories are put away, personalize your closet.  Get creative and make your space into a little boutique, no matter the size of your closet.  Add some lights. Drape some linen. I think it's a great feeling to have your closet set up as if it's a place where you can actually "shop"!

Step Seven: ENJOY YOUR CLOSET!  Now that your closet is organized and complete, do your best to keep it that way!

Amy :)


  1. I love this information and I am going to try it! I love Roxie's Powder Room. It has beautiful, practical tips on how to keep your life in order. I love you Amy for being obedient

  2. To God be the glory! Love you too Woman of God! I love how God is concerned about ALL aspects of our lives, He's awesome :)


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