What's So Good About Going Through Something?


Hi there Lovebugs!

I was having a conversation with God one day and He was talking to me about "going through". I was seeking Him for more clarity about a situation that I was experiencing and He basically told me that what I'm going through is temporary. He told me that I have to keep my focus on Him as well as the promises that He made. We then began to talk about the process we go through when were actually "going through".  

It is normally during the times that we're going through something that we are closer to God than any other time. We seek Him for wisdom. We seek Him for answers. We seek Him for relief.  We cry out to God. We look for Him everywhere and in everything hoping He brings an end to our uncomfortability, pain and suffering.  But Romans 8:28 NLT says, "and we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." So even in the midst of everything that we're going through, there is good that will come out of it. 

Going through something matures us. Going through something strengthens us. Going through something teaches us valuable lessons that we wouldn't otherwise learn under different circumstances.  Think about it: did you realize how strong you are until you went through something?  Did you realize how much you could endure until you had to go through something?  Did you realize that God was all that you needed until you felt like all hell was breaking loose?

Now don't give me wrong, going through IS very uncomfortable!  But while we're going through, we can't miss out on the things that God is trying to show us and do in us during the process. He develops us through our storms. He shows Himself mightily through our trials. He never leaves us nor forsakes us when the going gets tough.

So let us consider how we are going through.  Let us recognize that there is good in our "going through". No matter how tough it gets or rough it looks, know that God is working it all out for our good!

Amy :)


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