A New Day AND a New Month



Hello there Lovebugs! 
Can you believe that it's December already?! Is it me or was it just June?  Here we are at the last month of the year 2014.  I'm sure for many of you this has been a remarkable and memorable year. This is been a year we've grown, been challenged and learned more about yourself and others.  Since were in the last month of 2014, I want you to reflect on this past year.

Think about all that God has done for you. Think about all that God has brought you through. Think about all of the wisdom you've obtained over this past year. What are some of the great lesson learned?   What are some things you're looking forward to doing differently next year? What are you prepared to do to make sure that you are a better you for 2015?

I celebrate this new month, which also happens to be the last month of 2014.  I look forward to us finishing out this year much better then we started and for us to continue with the same passion and zeal right on into 2015! 

Cheers to a great month!

Amy :)


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