Closed Mouths Do Get Fed!

Hey there Lovies!

We all know that when we are going through a period of testing, the enemy will throw any and everything he can at you to take you off course.  He’ll even use those closest to you!  Of course our natural reaction is to defend ourselves when someone offends us.  They say something we don’t like; we say something to them that they don’t like.  They do something we don’t like; we do something to them they don’t like.  And before you know it, we’re going back and forth!  

Let me tell you, God can definitely help us in this area.  He wants us to be unmoved.  He doesn’t want what people say or do get to us.  In the beginning, it can definitely be a struggle.  Do you know how hard it is to be on the receiving end of offensive remarks and God telling you to be quiet?  Or someone doing something so wrong to you and God telling you to forgive them and let it go?  God wants us to be calm and remain even tempered.  Why? Because that’s what Jesus would do and being that we are His kids, we are to behave like Him.  It can be very challenging to crucify your own flesh and be quiet when you wanna curse someone out, or retaliate when someone does something to you.  But God WILL be with you throughout it all.  Call on Him when it gets difficult.  Praise Him when you flip out.  Pray when you are angry, asking for Him to help you to calm down.  He is ready to help you.  And He’ll even exchange your anger for His peace and before you know it, you will have forgotten about what upset you in the first place!  

Amy :)


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